The new generation of self-installable Low Cost Language Laboratory.

Easy to
  • acquire
  • install
  • use

easyLAB+ Plug&Teach turns your computer classroom into the most complete Language Lab.
easyLAB+ is based on Optimas Technology, a standard in the most modern Language Laboratories in the market.

comprar laboratorio de idiomas

Easy to acquire

By subscription

With a minimum initial investment you will obtain the necessary hardware equipment that will become property of the center, and for 6 months you can also enjoy all functions of the language laboratory easyLAB+ and receive help for the training of the teaching staff Afterwards, with an annual subscription fee, you can continue to enjoy easyLAB+, and other advantages and exclusive services for the clients.

Laboratorio de idiomas fácil de instalar

Easy to install

Connect and go!

easyLAB+ Plug&Teach is a Language Laboratory easy and quick to install in any computer classroom. No specific computer knowledge is required. After a few simple steps, any teacher will have the system ready to work.

Ayuda para laboratorio de idiomas

Easy to use

Everything at one click!

The graphic interface of easyLAB+ has been designed so that any user without computer skills can manage the classroom from the first day. Large and clear icons, grouping by colors, easily recognizable symbols, explanatory short messages,… all prepared to make the job easier.

To learn more about easyLAB+ we offer you:

  • That an advisor contact you to make a personalized Online DEMO that will allow you to know all the benefits of the product and resolve any question you may have.
  • To receive the Descriptive Overview of our OPTIMAS Technology where you can expand more in detail all the functions you can use in your language classes.
  • The WISE PACK: We offer you the possibility to check in your center the effectiveness of easyLAB+ with a full kit that includes an equipment for the teacher site and four students’ sites.